We live in a far-from-perfect world. Destructive forces are all around us, both natural and man-made. For over 30 years, our principal specialist consultants and manufacturers have been engineering products to provide protection against everything from crime to catastrophic events.

We provide a one-stop Design, Build and Maintenance of structures. These include planter boxes, bollards (stationary and hydraulic), auto-barrier rams, as well as interior blast protective works for windows, doors, walls and other structural building elements.

B P (Systems) Engineering provides a full range of engineering solutions in resolving clients’ protection concerns, whether from blasts, natural disasters, weather phenomena, or physical assault.

Our core technology together with our specialised knowledge and experience in blast and impact allows us to effectively engineer Design, Build and Maintain all projects. We provide fully integrated services and brands in all protective systems with state-of-the-art engineering solutions. For example, our ready prepared and  custom-designed safety anchoring restraint systems dramatically improve security for buildings without sacrificing architectural aesthetics.


B P (Systems) Engineering is the leader in installing blast protective systems. We have installed windows, lobby glass, facade glazing protection systems, as well as physical protection systems.

B P (Systems) Engineering provides a full range of design, construction and maintenance capabilities. This allows clients, contractors or building owners to meet stringent performance requirements. Much of our work is subject to nondisclosure and confidential agreements.

The team consists of managers and engineers with professional licenses and experience in structural, civil and geotechnical engineering. With support from a team of skilled and dedicated staff, we have the experience to handle all of various elements within the scope of blast protection and technology.